About Us

Launched in 2019, Roseapple Global, LLC, is a boutique firm specializing in expat career coaching for aspiring expatriates and consulting for higher organizations.


We serve and assist mid to senior-level career professionals with transitioning and thriving and abroad physically or remotely. We also provide consultancy for institutions and organizations of higher learning globally.  We focus on the administrative and operational areas of student-facing units. Examples of these units are Student Affairs, Student Services, and Campus Life at higher education institutions.  


Our goal is to provide customized expertise in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs. We help you unlock your potential, maximize your ability, and then equip you with resources and tools for your journey.


Expat Career Coaching:

We are dedicated to assisting individuals seeking an expatriate (expat) life and journey. Coaching is provided in a one-to-one or group setting. Our expat career coaching services are designed to increase your overall planning, readiness, and understanding of being an expat. 


We focus on your planning process and professional readiness to pursue a new overseas career or continue your existing international career in education. Our primary focus is mid to senior-level higher education professionals.

Expat Job Search Coaching:

We are keen to coach individuals seeking higher education positions abroad to start their expat life and journey.

Coaching is provided in a one-to-one format. Our expat job search career or career portfolio coaching services are tailored to help clients become self-directed in accomplishing their search and expat career goals. 


We guide you through your job search process by helping you:

  • update your portfolio documents

  • find and understand posted opportunities

  • create the appropriate application packet 

  • prepare for your job search process

Higher Education Consulting

We are committed to helping institutions of higher learning explore organizational 

enhancements in the area of student life and services units.


* Student Administration and Operations

* Staff Development 

Our consulting services are devoted to serving student/campus life or student services at institutions of higher education globally that are striving to develop or improve their overall student administrative policies, processes, functions, operations, and enhance the skill sets of thier staff.



Roseapple Global Pindrop Logo

We recognize the growing global need for experts and expertise in higher education and other career fields in established or emerging nations.

Our objectives are to:

  • prepare and guide individuals to pursue career opportunities globally. 

  • assess and plan with academic institutions or organizations ways to serve thier students in a more productive capacity.


The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained from six vastly different countries allow us the ability to assist and guide an individual, institution, or organization towards their goals.