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My Story

Founder /CEO
Higher Education Consultant
Expat Career Strategist/Coach

My expatriate (expat) life began 15 years ago when I merged my passion for global adventures and my international affairs background. My professional career includes twenty (20) years in higher education, of which ten (10) have been international. I also have two (2) years of experience in corporate conference planning.


To date, my expat story includes being a third culture kid (TCK) who has lived in seven countries, including the USA. I have worked in six countries, being a digital business

entrepreneur while long-term visiting three others and traveling to 50+ others for tourism, cultural exploration, and life enrichment.


I transitioned into international higher education in 2007 with my first position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since then, I have lived and loved my expat life with a two-year return stateside. I enjoy strategically working with my friends and colleagues who aspired to join expatriate life. 

Coaching and guiding a close friend to obtain a student affairs position in Australia coming from the USA is an example of my work. I have spent countless hours advising or coaching others over dinner, at conferences, or during a phone call about their anticipated journey. It was the soft beginning of what you now know as Roseapple Global's Expat Career Coaching Services.


These opportunities were genuinely fulfilling. As a result of my life experiences, I want to help others achieve their goal of expat living and higher educational organizations achieve their best services for students.

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