Specialty Plans

Mid to Senior-Level Career Professionals 


Roseapple Global would like to introduce you to our service plans for expat job search and career portfolio coaching. Your free discovery call will provide you with in-depth details and the pricing** for each service area.

When the time arises, remember you can enhance your job search or portfolio coaching with additional sessions from our a la carte list.

**All pricing is listed in USD.


We offer a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your needs prior to starting any of our services.

Expat Job Search Coaching Services

Job Search Coaching for Higher Education Expats

4 hours to unlock and optimize your portfolio for your expat job search journey 

 - Four (4) working sessions

 - Completion Timeframe - 4 to 6 weeks

 - A Session - 60 minutes each

 - Sessions are: 

       - Resume

       - Cover Letter

       - LinkedIn Profile

       - Job Search Process

Option #1 - Maximize & Equip          $825.00 

Three (3) weeks of Curated Available Announcements plus Job Search Resource List   


Option #2 - Equip                                  $675.00

Curated Job Search Resource List 

Career Portfolio Coaching for Education Expats

3 hours to unlock and optimize your portfolio 

 - Three (3) working sessions

 - Completion Timeframe - 3-5 weeks 

 - A Session - 60 minutes each

 - Sessions are:

       - Resume

       - Cover Letter

       - LinkedIn Profile Review


Option #1 - Equip                                  $595.00

Curated Job Search Resource List with a 20-minute review   


Option #2 - Unlock                               $525.00                                               

Standard Service  

***VIP Plan Available upon Consultation Only For - Job Search Coaching for Higher Education Expats

A la Carte Services for Expat Job Search Coaching

~Add-on Services start at $175.00

~Standalone Services start at $225.00

Purpose, Values & Strengths 

One (1) session (60 mins)

  - Self-Assessment & a Guided Purpose/Values Dialogue 

  - Self-Recognition & a Guided Strength for Moving Abroad

Interview Preparation

One (1) session (60 mins)

  - Planning (Questions, Credentials)

  - Next/Second Interviews

**Last Minute Request Fee is applicable

Guidance for Job Offer

One (1) session (60 mins)

  - Guidance for Salary and Benefits Package Negotiation

  - General and Individualized Questions for Negotiation

Guidance for Relocation Preparation

One (1) session (60 mins)

   - Pre Move & Post Move Planning

   - Immigration Considerations

   - Credentialing & Documentation Considerations