Signature Plans

Mid to Senior Level Career Professionals 

Roseapple Global would like to introduce you to our service plans for individual expat strategy planning. Our service is tailored for higher education professionals (administration and/or faculty) seeking to transition their expertise to another country. Your free discovery call will provide you with the process overview, plan selection guidance, and plan confirmation

You can add additional sessions to boost your job search process and overall expat career transition for the Expat Career Prep or Expat Career Transformation Plans.

Your Benefit - Our expat strategy planning sessions and plans provide first-hand insights and resources. You will also receive a tailored, collaborative approach in designing and implementing your career move abroad.

**All pricing is listed in USD.

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We offer a free 15-minutes discovery call to discuss your service options.

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Individual Expat Strategy Planning Services

Expat Career Prep.png

Expat Career Prep

Eight (8) sessions to maximize your planning for your expat career journey. For clients who need guidance with their expat living and career abroad process. Completion Timeframe – 8-9 weeks.

Expat Career Transformation.png

Expat Career Transformation

Twelve (12) sessions with 15 days of job search assistance to equip you with an intentional plan for your expat career journey. For clients who need a roadmap for transitioning thier career abroad and starting an expat life. Completion Timeframe – 12-16 weeks

TP-Take Your Career Abroad.png

Total Plan - Take Your Career Abroad

Twenty (20) sessions with 60 days of job search assistance to equip you with an intentional path for your career journey. For clients who need step-by-step mentoring to take their career aboard and create an expat life. The Total Plan's completion timeframe is 6-9 months of planning with access to files for 6 months post-completion.

Standard Plan Inclusions.png

Standard Plan Inclsuions

  • Standard Completion Timeframe

  • A Session - 60 minutes each

  • Recorded Video Sessions

  • Google Drive Folder - one-stop for documents/videos

  • Access to files 90 days after completion

  • Email Access

  • Wrap-up (30 min)

Expat Add-on Session Marketplace.png

Expat Add-on Session Marketplace Options

Expat Start & Transition - $185.00

  • Explore our Purpose & Values

  • Geographical Options & Geopolitics

  • Relocation Preparation Overview - Move Planning

  • Relocation - Immigration & Credentialing

  • Transition - Managing Cultural Adjustment

  • Transition - Creating Coping & Thriving Strategies


Expat Career & Employment - $215.00

  • In-depth Working Session for a Resume (1 session)

  • In-depth Working Session for a Cover Letter (1 session)

  • Review and Optimization of LinkedIn Profile & Professional References

  • Job Search Process - Applications & Hiring Cycle

  • Job Offer Guidance - Compensation Package & Negotiation

  • Interview Preparation - Planning (Questions Process)

  • Transition Plan Creation

Accepted Payment Types:  Zelle, CashApp, Stripe, PayPal
Cancellation/Refund: The client may cancel the agreement in writing at any time and is subject to the cancellation/refund policy in the signed agreement.