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Roseapple Global

Roseapple Global eForum

is our eLearning platform. Here you will find self-paced courses to guide you along your expat journey. 

eCourse - Available Now


Expat Fundamentals

Designed for aspiring expats who need a combination of self-paced learning and one-on-one coaching to jumpstart their expat journeys.

Adjusting and Coping - Living Abroad

Designed to help new expats boarding a plane and need to understand and prepare for their cultural adjustment and create a coping toolbox.

Move Abroad: Start Your Expat Journey

Designed for aspiring expats who prefer a self-paced learning starter option for their expat journey.


Expand your Knowledge!


Sample Webinar Topics :​​​​


  • How Trending Geopolitical Issues Impact Your Expat Dream


  • Cultural Differences in Supervising People in Your Career Abroad

  • The Founder’s Journey into Expat Life


  • International Higher Education Hiring Cycle and Practices

Based on interest and expertise, a customized webinar topic can be requested.

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