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Expat Strategy Planning

Roseapple Global would like to introduce you to our individual expat strategy planning for using your career to move internationally. Our service is targeted at higher education professionals (staff, administration or faculty) seeking to utilize their expertise in another country. Your free call will help you understand the process. You can add additional sessions to boost your foundation for planning and executing an international move at any point after your initial plan sessions.

**All pricing is listed in USD.

Our Focus is You!


Your Sessions Explained:

Our standard approach is multiple sessions that help you unlock, maximize, and equip you to execute your plan. 

Sessions are geared to cover vital and related topics such as:

  • Conversations regarding expat interest (core values, purpose).​

  • Review employment history, overseas travel history, planning timeline, skill sets, strengths, and areas for growth or improvement.

  • Engage in brainstorming, goal-setting, and assessing if any professional behavioral issues exist that could hinder your client's goal.

  • Discuss geographic locations and preferences.

  • Discussion on transition, adjustment, and coping skills.

  • Provide guided suggestions and updates for one resume, one cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile.  

  • Projects may include working on a cover letter, resume, references, and assessments.

  • Other tasks may include searching for sample jobs, applying for jobs, using recommended resources, tracking job applications, and preparing for interviews.


Thrive Globally in HigherEd (TGHE) - Individual 

For clients who want a solid foundation, and step-by-step guidance, while building confidence in their international move process, using their higher education skills, experience, and expertise to start a job search and establish an expat life. 

Completion Timeframe: 12 weeks / 3 months

Expat Get Started (2)

Explore our Purpose & Values

Geographical Options & Geopolitics


Expat Portfolio Planning (4)

In-depth Working Session for a Resume (2 sessions)

In-depth Working Session for a Cover Letter

Review and Optimization of LinkedIn Profile & Professional References


Expat Job Search Planning (2)

Job Search Planning - Application Process & Hiring Cycles

How to Search and Review Announcements


Targeted Job Search (1)

One (1) week of Targeted Job Announcements

(based on current availability) within seven (7) days)

Expat Job Search and Expat Living Resources (1)

Standard and Curated Resource Lists: Job Search

General and Curated Resource List: Expat Living

Standard Plan Inclusions


Plus the following,

  • 30 mins - 30-day Post Completion Session

   Let's Connect and Get Started

We offer a free 20-minute

call to discuss your service.

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Your Benefit

Our expat strategy planning sessions and

plans provide first-hand insights and resources.

You will also receive a tailored, collaborative approach in designing and implementing

your career move abroad.

   Let's Connect and Get Started

We offer a free 20-minute

call to discuss your service.

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Client Testimonial via LinkedIn

"With her guidance and advice I was able to prepare myself for the expat journey which Karla treated with ease. I would have never gained the confidence to consider working internationally had it not been for her and I look forward to making my dream of taking my talent abroad, a reality because of Karla's expertise and mentorship."

Anwarie R.  |  Trinidad & Tobago

Your ten (10) one-on-one sessions will help you unlock your plan, maximize your pathway, and equips you with resources and insights for your career and expat journey.


Your investment helps you in these four areas:

1. Builds confidence in achieving your goal

2. Gets you started on transforming your dream into a reality

3. Ensures your purpose and plans align with your intended location

4. Your path or roadmap to an international move and life is created based on an informed process

Accepted Payment Types:  Zelle, Stripe, PayPal
Cancellation/Refund: The client may cancel the agreement in writing at any time and is subject to the cancellation/refund policy in the signed agreement.

Do you need additional clarification or information about the program?  

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