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Individual Expat Coaching
Signature Plans

Our Focus is You!

One-to-one session(s) use broad categories associated with career planning and expatriate living as the foundation.


Your session(s) are tailored based on your needs and timeframe for achieving your goal.


Session(s) are designed to meet your level and stage of becoming an expatriate.


Learn from One Another!

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context.


It is a conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, creating actionable items, and accountability.


Group coaching clients benefit from peer learning, the collective wisdom, and resources of the group.


Expat Job Search Coaching
Speciality Plans 

Target your Position!

One-to-one sessions are tailored to a client's job search goals.​

Provide assistance with developing and enhancing job searching skills and techniques

Session(s) are designed to help our client become self-directed in accomplishing your search process and career goals

**This service is primarily targeted for persons interested in employment in the

higher education sector.



Expand your Knowledge!

Real-time online session(s) bringing you relevant and timely topics for your expatriate experience. 


The live session will include a slideshow presentation, interactive text chat with the speaker, interactive sharing and questions from the audience.


A session could also include audience polling or a survey.



Gain Insight!

Self-paced online course (s) provides you relevant, informative and practical topics about your expatriate journey. 


Each course or program series will include a slideshow lesson, action-oriented activities, handouts, and facilitator-support via responses to comments or questions.


Courses could also include audience polling or a survey.

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Digital Resources

Our digital resources a designed to help with your life and lifestyle at home and  abroad


We believe in self-care and wellness and advocate for you to create time and space to make yourself.  You have options of planners and card decks.


We help you build your mindset with card decks featuring a self-care challenge, affirmations, travel quotes, and global proverbs to enrich your soul.


We help you set goals, stay organized and implement your wellness with a planner featuring at-home sap day, monthly self-care, productivity, solo travel, a lifestyle checklist, and take your career abroad.

Our goal is to provide you with tools that improve your quality of life.