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Expat Job Search Coaching

Target your Position!

Standard practice for job search coaching is a multiple-session plan. 

Our knowledge can prepare a client through a combination of the following activities. Your session will be customized based on our introductory conversation:

  • Developing job search goals and an action plan including engaging in self-exploration of skills and experiences 

  • Guidance in applying for roles which match your skills and experiences

  • Locating and sharing target jobs for your application process – both advertised and unadvertised

  • Reviewing and providing recommendations for resume, cover letter(s), LinkedIn, and application forms**

  • Guidance on interviews 

  • Insight for references and networking

  • Discussion about the job market and geopolitics of the selected country or region 

**Due to the mutual work required, a review is only applicable to plans with 3 or more sessions. 

Based on your needs, we can offer you varying levels of multi-session plans. Additionally, you may also consider one of the standalone services.

This service is primarily targeted for persons interested in employment in the international higher education sector.