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Thriving in Higher Education Careers

Check out my episode of Thriving in Higher Educations Careers with Dr. A. Yvette Myrick and Dr. Estelle Young. We had delightful conversation about career sabbatical as an administrator  and working globally in higher education. 


Melanated Stamps 
with Jenaya

Check out my episode of the Melanated Stamps with Jenaya. She and I swapped stories from our globally lived experiences. We talked about my journey, including being a TCK, a higher education expat, expat wisdom, and life hacks. ⠀.

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Global Connecting with Nyra Constant

Check out my episode of  "Global Connecting with Nyra Constant."  Podcast - Nyra talks with expatriates from around the world on how the unlocked their journey to becoming a living Passport of self-discovery, connection, and change..

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The Education Concierge

Check out my episode of "Tje Education Concierge". The podcast focuses on coordinating all Aspects of and for Education by eliminating all roadblocks in for parents, educators, administrators, educational institutions, and community stakeholders.

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XPAT Chats

Check out my episode of  "Xpat Chats."  It features inspiring stories of expats and nomads living abroad through live chat sessions designed to build community, spread awareness, and discuss the practicalities of living abroad.


(A)Board in Education

Check out my episode of "(A)Broad in Education". The podcast focuses on EDpats and their international experiences within education. 

Flourish in The Foreign

Check out my episode of "Flourish In The Foreign". The podcast aims to elevate & affirm the voices and the stories of Black women living & thriving abroad. 


The C Factor

Check out my episode of "The C Factor". The podcast aims to connect and share the stories of 16 women professionals from 11 countries in lockdown. 


Visible at Work

Check out my episode of "Visible at Work". The podcast aims at professionals in a new country struggling to be visible at work because doing your main job alone is not enough.  


Families in Global Transition Panel

Recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on race and privilege as a panelist for the Families in Global Transition 'Focus on Privilege' with the topic of Privilege and #Race. It was an honor to share and learn perspectives with three women from around the globe.

Guest Speaking


Expat Living Speaking/Spotlights

Featured Guest on Live Q&A:

> Roseapple Global - April 2020: Ask an Expat 

> Black American Living Abroad (May 2020)

> Traveling with Ja - The Expat Experience - "Racism & Colorism" 

(June 2020)


> Black Women in Higher Education - "My Journey" (Jan 2020)

> Career in Student Affairs Month - NASPA - "Can You Work Internationally in Student Affairs? (Oct 2020)

Blog Spotlights

> Her Expatise - The life of an expat across 5 countries

> Metropolitan Molly - Higher Education Professional/Expat Career Strategist, Karla Fraser, Dhaka, Bangladesh

As an Expat Career Strategist, I enjoy opportunities to share my knowledge, insights, and advice to aspiring, new. or even continuing expats.