Graduate / Entry-Level Professionals

Roseapple Global would like to introduce you to our individual expat coaching service plans.

These individual plans are designed for graduate students and entry-level professionals (persons who are less than two years in the field). Your Introduction Session will provide you with in-depth details and the pricing** for each service area.

When the time arises, remember you can enhance your individual session or plan with one of our two add-on/standalone services.

**All prices are listed in USD.

Plan Options

We offer a free 30-minutes consultation to discuss your needs prior to starting any of our services.

Individual Expat Coaching Services

Multi-Session Plans start at $279 and above

Plan I – Two (2) Sessions

 - Two (2) total sessions (typically 1 month)

 - A Session is 60-minutes 

 - Job Search and Expat Resources 

 - General Guidance for a Resume, Cover/Application Letter, and LinkedIn Profile 

**Add-on services are available for an extra fee (please see the Add-on/Standalone section)

Plan II – Four (4) Sessions:

- Four (4) total sessions (typically 2 months)

- A Session is 60-minutes

- Job Search and Expat Resources 

- A review of content/credentials for one format of each:

          Resume and Cover/Application Letter) and LinkedIn Profile

 - Job Search & Interview Process Guidance

Individual Session:                $179.00

A one-time personalized session (75 minutes) covering broad expat career

Topics may include:

 - Exploration of expat interest, purpose, planning timeline, employment history, past travel/overseas experience

 - General Suggestions for a Resume, Cover/Application Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

 - General Discussion - Geographical Interest 

 - General Discussion - Resources and Networking 

*** Longer timeframe coaching plans such as three (3) months or six (6) months are available upon consultation.

Add-on / Standalone Session Options for Expat Coaching Services

 ~Add-on Services start at $109

 ~Standalone Services start at $129


Guidance for Job Offer

One (1) session (60 mins)

 - Guidance for Salary and Benefits Package Negotiation

 - General and Individualized Questions for Negotiation

Guidance for Relocation Preparation

One (1) session (75 mins)

 - Pre Move & Post Move Planning

 - Immigration Considerations

 - Credentialing & Documentation Considerations 

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