• Karla Fraser

Overseas Job Search: Four Basics

These four steps will get you started on your expat job search. They will help you reflect and plan, and are practical. However, moving abroad is more than a job search. It is also about planning a major move, adjusting to a new culture and having the right coping skills to enjoy the journey.

This expat job search tip is part of a free eCourse, Overseas Job Search: Four Basic. In addition, you can find other self-directed, planning and preparation courses on our eLearning platform, Roseapple Global eFourn

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—Karla A. Fraser, Overseas Job Search: Four Basics, Roseapple Global, LLC

At Roseapple Global, we provide specialized services in expat career coaching and guidance for individuals or groups.  We also offer to consult for the administrative and operational areas of campus/student life and student services units at higher education institutions internationally. Contact Us

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