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Expat Consultant

Bates Consulting focuses on helping you design the professional path you desire.

Bates Consulting

The Black Expat focuses on the intersection of black identity and international living.

Group Host, Content Contributor

Featured Guest on Live Q&A:

> Karla Fraser /Roseapple Global (Feb 2019)

> Ask Anything Chat Ask (Sept 2019) 

The Black Expat 

The ultimate resource for black expat women, Expat Divas magazine is designed to help you connect with women who understand your journey.

Contributing Writer

> Bali, The Spicier Side of Life (Oct 2019)

> Global Holidays Around the World  (Nov 2019)

Expat Divas Magazine




Conference Presentations about Expat Life

2018 NASPA

Annual Conference 

 Philadelphia, PA

Interested in learning more about working overseas?  Be inspired and learn how one woman broadened her personal and professional horizons in international higher education. She will share her purpose and job search process.  You will learn about her culture shock and adaptation as well as the rewards and challenges of being an expatriate. Come hear about her continued passion for sharing the liberal education that has propelled her through her journey.