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Bates Consulting focuses on helping you design the professional path you desire.


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The Black Expat 

Content Contributor

> Pursue Your Move Abroad, the World Needs You

> Navigating the Paperwork Process

> Solo Expat: How to Reduce Loneliness

Featured Guest on Live Q&A:

> Karla Fraser /Roseapple Global (Feb 2019)

> Ask Anything Chat Ask (Sept 2019) 

The Black Expat focuses on the intersection of black identity and international living.

Expat Divas Magazine

Contributing Writer

> Bali, The Spicier Side of Life (Oct 2019)

> Global Holidays Around the World  (Nov 2019)

The ultimate resource for black expat women, Expat Divas magazine is designed to help you connect with women who understand your journey.

Expat Guest Speaking/Spotlight

Featured Guest on Live Q&A:

> Roseapple Global - April 2020: Ask an Expat 

> Black American Living Abroad (May 2020)

> Traveling with Ja  - Expat Experience (June 2020)


> Black Women in Higher Education - My Journey (Jan 2020)


> Her Expatise - The life of an expat across 5 countries

> Metropolitan Molly - Higher Education Professional/Expat Career Strategist, Karla Fraser, Dhaka, Bangladesh

As an Expat Career & Transition Strategist, I enjoy to opportunities to share my knowledge, insights, and advice to aspiring, new. or even continuing expats.



Guest Speaking

Visible at Work

Check out my episode of "Visible at Work". The podcast aims professionals in a new country struggling to be visible at work because doing your main job alone is not enough. I'm so excited to share my story with you all and some advice for career professionals and international students. 

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Podcast Guest

Flourish in The Foreign

Check out my episode of "Flourish In The Foreign". The podcast aims to elevate & affirm the voices and the stories of Black women living & thriving abroad. I'm so excited to share my story with you all. 

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The C Factor

Check out my episode of "The C Factor". The podcast aims to connect and share the stories of 16 women professionals from 11 countries in lockdown. I'm so excited to share my story with you all. 

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Conference Presentations about Expat Life

2020 NASPA MENASA & NASPA IEKC Webinar - Virtual Session

The global marketplace is changing. Within higher education, professional transitions take place in numerous ways including promotions, seeking degrees, changing units, taking a job in another region/country, using technology, and working in different ways as a result of Covid-19. According to the 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average adult changes jobs 12 times during a career. This session provides professionals an opportunity to explore professional identity, transitional contexts, high impact factors, and successful strategies.

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