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Favorite Items

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These are favorites of  RG's Founder, Karla. She uses many of these items while on her global adventures of living, working, and thriving abroad as a career professional or as a digital nomad as part of expat life. She owns and uses most of these items. However, she also recommends the items that seem more suitable than my current version or an excellent option to have in your journey.

Travel Accessories

6 pc Set Packing Cubes

Softside Spinner Carry-on

Hardside Spinner Carry-on**

Compression Packing Cubes

Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locators**

Portable Battery Charger*

Universal Travel Adapter  Voltage Converter

Universal Travel Plugs**

Metal Drinking Straws

Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

Collapsible Water Bottle

Metal Water Bottle

Water Socks*

Silicone Bottle Brush

Foldable Storage Organizer*

Self-Care & Staying Healthy Accessories

Essential Oil Diffuser

Small Essential Oil Set*

Large Essential Oil Set 

Shower Steamers**

Facial Mask Sheets*

DIY Spa @ Home Kit**

Travel Scale

Travel Scale Cover

Fitness Tracker *

Resistance Bands*

Massage Ball Set

Home, Traveling or Living Abroad Accessories

Metal "S" Hooks*

Portable Laptop Stand

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker**

All items with ** double asterisk - are items that are recommended.

All items with * single asterisk - are items I owned and used in a different brand or version.

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