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These are favorites of  RG's Founder, Karla. She uses many of these items her global adventures of  living, working, and thriving abroad as a career professional abroad or as a digital nomad. I own and use most of these items. However,  I also recommend the items that seem more suitable than my current version or a good option to have in your journey.
Travel Accessories
Compression Packing Cubes
6 pc Set Packing Cubes
Softside Spinner Carry-on
Hardside Spinner Carry-on**
Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locators**
Portable Battery Charger*
Metal Straws
Bamboo Travel Utensil Set
Collapsible Water Bottle
Universal Travel Adapter  Voltage Converter
Universal Travel Plugs**
Water Socks*
Self-Care & Staying Healthy Accessories
Essential Oil Diffuser
Small Essential Oil Set*
Large Essential Oil Set 
Shower Steamers**
Facial Mask Sheets*
DIY Spa @ Home Kit**
Fitness Tracker *
Resistance Bands*
Massage Ball Set
Home, Traveling or Living Abroad Accessories
S Hooks*
Portable Laptop Stand
Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker**
All items with ** double asterisk - are items that are recommended.

All items with * single asterisk - are items are owned and used in a different brand or version.