Expat Strategy Planning

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Your Sessions Explained:

Our standard approach is multiple sessions that help you unlock, maximize, and equip you to execute your plan. 

Sessions are geared to cover the vital and related topics such as:

  • Conversations regarding expat interest (core values, purpose).​

  • Review employment history, overseas travel history, planning timeline, skill sets, strengths, and areas for growth or improvement.

  • Engage in brainstorming, goal-setting, and assessing if any professional behavioral issues exist that could hinder your client's goal.

  • Discuss geographic locations and preferences.

  • Discussion on transition, adjustment, and coping skills.

  • Provide guided suggestions and updates for one resume, one cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile.  

  • Projects may include working on a cover letter, resume, references, and assessments.

  • Other tasks may include searching for sample jobs, applying for jobs, using recommended resources, tracking job applications, and preparing for interviews.


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