Expat Coaching

Our Focus is You!

A standard session could be a one-time session or multiple sessions if you select a plan. 


A session discussion may include any of the following topics or actions listed below — related topics based on a client's reasonable request or topics resulting from our introductory conversation.


  • Review of coaching questionnaire


  • Conversations regarding expat interest (core values, purpose), past employment history, past travel/overseas history, planning timeline, skill sets, strengths, and areas for growth or improvement.

  • Engage in brainstorming, goal-setting, and assessing if any professional behavioral issues exist which could hinder your goal as a client.


  • Discuss geographic locations and preferences


  • Provide guided suggestions and updates for one resume, one cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile.  


  • Projects may include working on a cover letter, resume, references, and taking assessments.


  • Other tasks may include searching for sample jobs, applying for jobs, using recommended resources, tracking job applications, and interview preparations.


Based on your needs and career sector we can offer you a one-time session or multi-session plans. Additionally, you may also consider one of the standalone services.

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