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Roseapple Global, LLC

 Expat Career Planning, Coaching & Guidance

Higher Education (HE) Consulting

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Welcome to Roseapple Global

A boutique firm serving expatriates (expats) and higher education organizations.


Expat Career Coaching
We help impact-driven, globally-minded higher education professionals and faculty successfully prepare for and transition and adapt to an international career and life. We work with mid to senior-level colleagues who want to make a substantial and sustainable professional impact in global higher education.


Higher Education Consulting
We consult with higher education institutions/organizations seeking to develop or transform. We are incredibly passionate about working with institutions during their development journey or those beginning a transformational phase. We help create or strengthen the student affairs framework and student-facing experience to be culturally inclusive for institutional growth and sustainability. We have a keen endeavor to be impactful in the educational systems in emerging and developing nations.

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