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Who Are We

Introducing Roseapple Global

Launched in 2019, Roseapple Global, LLC, is a boutique firm specializing in expat career coaching and higher education consulting. 


At Roseapple Global LLC, we provide consultancy for institutions and organizations of higher learning globally. We also serve and assist mid to senior-level career professionals with using their career to transition into international opportunities.

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Higher Education Consulting: 

We are committed to helping institutions of higher learning explore organizational enhancements in their student experience and academic student-facing units.

Our services are best suited for higher education start-ups or those in transition institutions or organizations with a keen focus on assisting those in emerging economies and seeking to support the UN Sustainability Goals.

We are devoted to helping our clients create or boost your student experience in the co-circular and administrative areas that serve students.

Areas that we can best serve are student life, student services, academic support, academic advising and registration,  student housing or similar units with a high-touch point of service to students.

Our avenues that our collaboration can be most impactful to the institution or organization are: 

  • Student Administrative Functions

  • Student Operations

  • Student Engagement and Development

  • Student Programming 

  • Policy and Protocol Review 

  • Cross-Administrative Functionality

  • Staff Development 


By developing or improving their overall student administrative policies, processes, functions, operations, and enhancing the skill sets of their staff, the satisfaction of the student your serve will create the value they are seeking from your investment in their educational pursuits.

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Expat Career Coaching:


We are dedicated to assisting individuals seeking an expatriate (expat) life and journey through coaching provided in a one-to-one or group setting.

Our services are best suited for mid to senior-level career professionals in any industry with a specialization in higher education.


We help our clients become confident in achieving their self-directed job search and expat career goals. 


Our expat career coaching services are designed to increase your overall planning, readiness, and understanding of being an expat who is using their career as their foundation to make an international move.

We focus on your planning process and professional readiness with intentionality.  We guide and support

  • your purpose, 

  • geographical options and selections,  

  • updating your portfolio documents,

  • creating your application packet,

  • understanding posted opportunities,

  • and embarking upon your job search. 


You can work with us in a group learning format or one-on-one format based on your need and learning style.

Last, we offer "Next Steps" services to help you beyond the search process into the depart, arrival and settling-in phase of your expat journey. 

We want you to succeed from start to finish - meaning purpose to settle in. 

Our Objective

We recognize the growing global need for experts and expertise in higher education and other career fields in established or emerging nations.

​Our objectives are to:

  • prepare and guide individuals to pursue career opportunities globally 

  • assess and plan with academic institutions or organizations ways to serve their students in a more productive capacity


The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained from six vastly different countries allow us the ability to assist and guide an individual, institution, or organization towards their goals.

The Founder
The Chief Executive Officer
Higher Education Consultant


My expatriate (expat) life began 15 years ago when I merged my passion for global adventures and my international affairs background. My professional career includes twenty (20) years in higher education, of which the past ongoing ten (10) have been international. I also have two (2) years of experience in corporate conference planning. 


To date, my expat story includes being a third culture kid (TCK) who has lived in seven countries using my career, starting in the USA. I have primarily worked in global higher education,  but have also been a digital entrepreneur while long-term visiting three other countries. My travels have taken me to 50+ nations for tourism, cultural exploration, and life enrichment. 

I transitioned into international higher education in 2007 with my first position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since then, I have lived and loved my expat life with a two-year return stateside. I enjoy strategically working with my friends and colleagues who aspired to join expatriate life.

Coaching and guiding a close friend to obtain a student affairs position in Australia from the USA is an example of my earlier year in my expat career coaching work.

Coaching and guiding a close friend to obtain a student affairs position in Australia from the USA is an example of my earlier year in my expat career coaching work. I have spent countless hours advising or coaching others over dinner, at conferences, or during a phone call about their anticipated journey. It was the soft beginning of what you now know as Roseapple Global's Expat Career Coaching Services.


These opportunities were genuinely fulfilling. As a result of my life experiences, I want to help others achieve their goal of expat living and help higher educational organizations reach their best services for students.

At Roseapple Global, we believe that student success is not only about the classroom. It is also about the administrative cycle of the student, which means understanding their needs and creating operations that deliver exceptional services.

Prior to what you now know as Higher Education Consulting by Roseapple Global, I had consulting projects in student housing with two US institutions. I also supported a local girls' education project in Ethiopia.

Given my purpose and passion, I  serve through our consulting services academic institutions or organizations globally. As Roseapple Global, we are open to serving all but geared towards institutions in their foundational start-up years or seeking a transformation in their student-facing units in emerging economies seeking to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 (#SDG4). We hope to serve targeted regions such as the Caribbean, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. As we know, these regions have a growing youth population who will need development, employment and avenues for family and national prosperity.

Image by Ryan Jacobson


Bachelors of Arts

(World History)

Masters of Arts  in International Affairs 

ACUHO-I Professional Standards


NASPA International Student Services (NISSI) Reviewer

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) - Certified Group Crisis Responder

Consultant's Background

I have spent twenty (20) years ensuring students are at the center of their educational journey as they complete the various administrative tasks and get involved in co-curricular activities.  Of these twenty (20) years, and ongoing ten (10) were committed to serving students at institutions internationally. Some locations of highlight in my career are: the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Commonwealth of Dominica, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Niger.


Based on my experience at national and US-affiliated institutions, an intricate part of my consulting is focused on collaboration and ensuring that the cultural context of the country is at the forefront.


The collective experience in my work has been derived from working to fully operationalize two student life units at start-up institutions in Afghanistan and Singapore. Additionally, I transformed and improved services at two (2) institutions: student housing in the United Arab Emirates and student services in the Commonwealth of Dominica.


I specialize in developing administrative and operations infrastructure for student-facing units found in campus/student life and student services departments.


I am well-versed in developing and implementing processes, policies, and procedures for the following programs:

  • Student and Family Orientation 

  • Student Billing 

  • Student Insurance 

  • Student Immigration 

  • Student Engagement 

  • Student Affairs for Study Abroad Programming

  • Student Housing

  • Student Conduct

  • ​Intercultural Engagement 

  • First-Year Programming 

  • First-Year Transition Class 

  • Converting Face-to-Face Student Services to Digital Operations

My experience is rooted in helping staff meet the needs of students seeking to develop 21st-century and workforce skills and experiences. In addition to writing about the importance of essential soft/professional skills development in our youth, I am adept at helping to assess, create, and implement programs to build or enhance these skills in your students.  

Here are areas where I can assist: 

  • Cultural awareness programs for inbound  or outbound international students 

  • Cultural awareness programs for outbound study abroad students

  • Student Leadership, Engagement, and Development Planning

  • Professional/Soft Skills Program Development and Planning

My experience also includes a collaborative assessment of operations in the following areas:

  • Data/Customer Relations Software 

  • Campus-wide Immigration Process

  • Campus-wide Financial Accessibility


I have software implementation experience with the following:

  • Ellucian - Banner 

  • Salesforce

  • OrgSync

Consultant's Experience

20+ years


Higher Education

8+ year career


Higher Education in the USA

2+ years consulting for Higher Education Institutions

5+ years coaching

aspiring expats

to use their careers to go abroad

10+ years


Higher Education Globally

2 years

in Corporate/Association

Meeting Management

Professional Memberships


National Association of Student Personnel Administrators


National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (The Middle East, North Africa and South Asia area)



American College Personnel Association



International Association of Student Affairs and Services


A global community of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders and creators that are drive systematic change in business, culture and society.


Families in Global Transition 


Rotary International

provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Our Clients

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As a leading not-for-profit study abroad and internship provider, we set the highest standards of academic quality. To us, academic quality is about prioritizing the student experience. 

Role:  Student Affairs Consultant and Student Affairs Protocol Reviewer.

Your Passion 1st is a unique international non-profit organization 501(c)3 that empowers under-resourced young adults to find, define, and follow their passion into the workforce or entrepreneurship, becoming the world’s future innovators.

Role:  Workshop Facilitator.

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