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Karla Fraser,
"Your Keynote Speaker"

Karla went from being a third culture kid (TCK) and a thriving expat while taking her career abroad. She merged her passion for global adventures with education with expertise in student affairs administration.


Karla is a Higher Ed Professional and Consultant, and the founder of Roseapple Global, LLC. Since childhood, Karla has lived, worked, and succeeded in 10 countries using her education, career, and built a business. Karla has over twenty (20) years in higher education administration; ten (10) have been international.

Karla is a strategist at heart. Her years abroad have led others to make the global leap and assist academic organizations in creating their desired goals and pathways toward their desired outcomes. She has been to 50+ countries and enjoys beach locations, visiting historical sites, reading, movies, creativity in the kitchen, listening to music, and conversing about trending current events.


She now speaks to audiences about:

  • Making the Dream a Reality - Moving, Living, Working, and Thriving in Another Country

  • University Student Life and Building Resilience

  • Youth Development Programming

Featured Events

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16th Annual MENASA NASPA Conference.png
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Inspiring and Expert Insights

Storytelling - Living Abroad

  • Merging Purpose and Passion - Work and Travel

  • Life-Changing Career Sabbatical While Abroad

  • From Nebraska to Afghanistan, Plus the Before and After

  • Eleven Countries and Counting - A Black Woman Abroad

  • From Frozen Plains to Desert Sands - Creating a Path

Webinar/Staff Development

  • Higher Education - Resilience and Adaptability During Change

  • Staff Development Retreat - Team Renewal

  • Building a Contextual Student-Centered Program at Local Universities

  • Supporting Resilience in Students Studying Abroad for Four Months and Beyond

International Career​ Development

  • Take Your Career Abroad - No Matter Your Career

  • Higher Education Career Internationally

  • Student Affairs - Using Your Career in Other Countries

  • Working Abroad as a Pathway to Career Development

General Life Skills

  • Cultural Adjustment for Thriving Abroad

  • Habits for Being Resilient in Life (Student)

  • Navigating an International Work Culture

2023 NASPA Presentation: Reframing Education Abroad
Presenters at the Conference
2022 presentation at NASPA: Fostering Climates of Belonging within Diverse Contexts
Karla Fraser at the NASPA Conference
Founder, Karla Fraser presenting as a Featured Speaker
2020 International Women's Day Conference


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