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Pre-Designed Proposal and Workshop Options
for Higher Education 

In recent years, a global call for advancing education at the tertiary level has come strongest from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Access to higher education globally has become increasingly necessary due to the globalization of markets and the workforce. As such, higher education has a significant role to play in career readiness and life skills. Moving beyond the classroom, it is essential to foster practical learning through problem-solving and local innovations for developing and emerging countries to grow.


This session explores how building a career development series within local and cultural contexts can support youth development. Applying global perspectives, the session will provide one example of an institution striving within this context. Attendees will gain insight into programs and sessions to create for students.

Pre-Designed Project Proposals

Digital Student Experience  Proposal.png

Digital Student Experience 

Development and Engagement


This project assesses, plans, and converts current face-to-face student administrative and operational functions, including services and programming, into a digital operation for students and staff.

Career Development Cover .jpg

Career Development Program

Creation and Implementation

This project seeks to equip students from emerging economies with the life skills and practical experience necessary to succeed in local and global markets and support progress toward the 17 SDGs.

_Team Renewal  Program Proposal (Zoe).png

Staff Team

Renewal and Development


This program is a team renewal development workshop series centered on building team cohesion through resisting the organization and unit's vision, mission, goals, and team personality culminating in a word wall.

Sample Workshop Topics

  • How Trending Geopolitical Issues Impact Your Expat Dream

    • For anyone exploring moving internationally - during the interactive session, we review and consider geopolitical matters that could impact black and brown persons who are planning an international move.

  • Real Talk Selecting Your Study Abroad Program for Semester

    • For students from marginalized backgrounds exploring study abroad programs and their locations - during the interactive session, we will review and consider social-cultural matters, geopolitical issues and more that could impact your semester or longer educational experience.

  • Setting Travel Goals with Black and Brown Youth

    • For marginalized young adults and their families seeking to explore global travel -  Travel is increasingly becoming accessible for youth in underrepresented youth from marginalized communities. We provided a workshop to explore the meaning, learning, and responsibility that come with global travel. From youth travel programs to study abroad in university, we help youth understand the possibilities and the planning needed to make this concept an achievable goal.

  • Cultural Differences in Supervising People in Your Career Abroad

    • For Leaders and Management  - ​​​during the interactive session, we review and consider key factors and matters that could impact your leadership and supervision of staff and management of projects when you have been planning to join a leadership team in an international position during your move.

    • For Staff  - ​​​during the interactive session, we review and consider key factors and matters that could impact your role as an entry to a mid-level staff member and management of projects when you join the team in an international position during your move.

  • International Higher Education Hiring Cycle and Practices

    • For Aspiring HigherEd Expat at any level - during the interactive session, participants will learn about the hiring cycle and practice for international higher education and how to navigate the job search process that leads to an international move.

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