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Extended Expertise

At Roseapple Global, we serve career professionals in higher education and other industry interested in using their current career skills and experience to make an international move. Our focus is to provide you with intentional and robust planning and preparation for exploring employment opportunities and expat life. We serve you through our expat carer coaching services, eCourses, and downloadable digital products.

Airplane Wing

Expat Career Coaching for Individuals or Groups

Starter Conversations

Clarity Call: A 15-minute call to ask questions about one of our programs, its payment plan option, and finalize your program choice. 

Strategy Session: A 1-hour session to explore, brainstorm, ask questions, and roadmap your moving abroad pathway.

Career Professionals
"Take Your Career Abroad"

For aspiring expats in any career field who want to create a pathway using their existing career for an international move and establishing an expat life. In six (6) weeks, you will build confidence and a tailored plan for your expat journey on your own or in a group.

Higher Education Colleague
"Thrive Globally in HigherEd"

For aspiring higher education expats who want a solid foundation and step-by-step guidance for their international move process. In twelve (12) weeks (individual program) or eight (8) weeks (group program), you will build confidence and a personalized plan for your job search and future expat life.


We have designed two eCourses.

This course is perfect for aspiring expats who need a starting point to understand “what is” an expat journey. It provides practical foundational information.

This course is perfect for new expats who are getting ready to board their flight and need a plan for a smooth transition upon arrival.

Our Higher Education Publication
by Roseapple Global

Articles, Stories, and Perspectives of Matters

Facing Higher Education

Our goal is to focus and bring awareness to tertiary education issues in emerging nations. Global Higher Education is a publication by Roseapple Global. 

You can browse our online publication, Global Higher Education, to learn about my experiences and reflections on working globally.

Digital Downloadable Products via Etsy

Etsy Cover.png

We have created a growing collection of digital downloadable products for our community at home or abroad. The collection of card decks and planners assist with self-care, affirmations, travel, goals, productivity and kindness.

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