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Roseapple Global, LLC

 Higher Education Consulting

We, at Roseapple Global, LLC are incredibly passionate about working with higher education institutions/organizations seeking to develop or transform. We help create or strengthen the student affairs framework and student-facing experience to be culturally inclusive for institutional growth and sustainability in emerging and developing nations.

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Our Services


We believe that student success is not only about the classroom. It is also about the administrative cycle of the student, which means understanding their needs and creating operations that deliver exceptional services.

Guest Speaker

Karla went from being a third culture kid (TCK) and a thriving expat while taking her career abroad. She merged her passion for global adventures with education with expertise in student affairs administration.

Extended Expertise

We serve career professionals in higher education and other industry interested in using their current career skills and experience to make an international move through coaching, eCourses and more!

About Us

Roseapple Global, LLC

A boutique firm serving expatriates (expats) and higher education organizations. We recognize the growing global need for experts and expertise in higher education and other career fields in established or emerging nations.


Our objectives are to:

  • prepare and guide individuals to pursue career opportunities globally. 

  • assess and plan with academic institutions or organizations ways to serve their students in a more productive capacity.

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Our focus is Higher Education Institutions or organizations seeking to build, enhance, or improve their administrative or operational functions in their student-facing units.

Let our passion, expertise, insights, and knowledge enrich your journey!

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