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Going Online, What One International Higher Education System is Facing

Challenges and considerations for online education in Bangladesh

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There is no doubt that conversations are happening between governing boards and senior leaderships of universities worldwide. Recently, I read the Los Angeles Times story about the California State University System's plan:

California State University, the nation’s largest four-year college system, plans to cancel most in-person classes in the fall and instead offer instruction primarily online, Chancellor Timothy White announced Tuesday (12 May 2020).

The vast majority of classes across the 23-campus Cal State system will be taught online, White said, with some limited exceptions that allow for in-person activity.”

and then I read on about Cambridge University moving online for the upcoming semester(s):

“The University of Cambridge has said it will teach students online for the next full academic year, scrapping face-to-face classes in light of the coronavirus pandemic.” (20 May 2020)

These stories about the largest college system in the US and an 800-year-old institution in the UK prompted me to share a perspective from one international higher education system.

As such, the considerations noted in the article resonated with me, as a higher education professional working abroad. Higher education institutions in various countries will have some similar challenges to ponder, but there are other factors. The story gave this impetus to share the scenario of what is occurring in South Asia.

Let’s take my location of #Bangladesh, our decision to start next semester online, or in-person ties to directives from the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC). The UGC provides the various operational directions and guidelines of public and private universities in the country. In a memo issued at the end of the second week of May 2020, all Bangladeshi universities were asked to move to an online platform for the upcoming semester(s). The charge is monumental and progressive. However, it will pose challenges for many universities, especially large public institutions. Nevertheless, the charge is directly in line with the Digital Bangladesh & Vision 2021