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Four Reasons Moving Overseas Changes You

A new perspective on life.

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Moving and settling in another country is sometimes the next step after traveling for months or years. The sense of change you experienced while traveling is what you want more of and for an extended time as well. So, becoming an expat would make logical sense.

It is one of the few things you can do in your life, which will be utterly life-changing. It is a leap of faith; unlike anything you would have done in your life. So before you make the move have a plan, prepare yourself as well as others. When you live, settle, and adapt to another country's culture, and language, you are transformed. I will warn you; it is not without challenges or even moments of doubt. Your ability to be vulnerable will increase your humanity and appreciation for the world. Here are four reasons why living abroad changes you.

You Gain Perspective

Living in a local community and having a daily life routine similar to everyone in another country is what gives you perspective. It will change the view of your own life experiences just by seeing and adapting to the way others live around you. It will open your heart to a deeper appreciation of life. It might also have you questioning things that you have always believed about others and their culture. You will gain greater insight for humanity and revisit your thinking about your own values.

You Live in the Moment

Whether you are shopping at the local grocery store, navigating new foods, or going to the latest movie, which has subtitles, make the best of each moment. You are enriching your life by eating foods native or common in the region or training your eyes to understand or ignore the subtitles. These repeated actions allow you to appreciate your surroundings and engage in your adapted lifestyle. Living abroad teaches you to become more involved in your current life situations. You learn to explore and define a new lifestyle and discover skills you did not know you had. Living abroad causes you to learn to grow as a person.

You Value Experiences

Because you have traveled, you understand the power of curating experiences. Living abroad then brings you to the next level. Now, you choose to live those experiences daily, and they outweigh the desire to have lots of worldly possessions. You learn to immerse yourself in the traditions, holidays, and even the day to day moments of life. You extend yourself by making new friends, embracing new work habits, and creating unique social vibes. Living in a new country slowly goes from being strange and unfamiliar to becoming a normal way of life.

You Learn to Adapt

You adjust to driving on a different side of the road or using public transportation more frequently. As frustrating as these moments might be, you are developing an increased level of resilience. Dealing with such circumstances, you are moving from traveler to expat. By the way, the sooner you adjust and adapt to the different experiences of daily life, the quicker you will settle in your new life. No doubt, challenges will come your way. Still, managing will not be a chore but an opportunity to think creatively and resourcefully. You will quickly learn that you can handle most situations without getting too upset and take the processes of your new "home” in stride.

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Brandon Nelson/Unsplash

So, in the end, no country or city is the same, and your life abroad will require learning and adapting. But this is why you opted to move overseas, isn’t it? After traveling, you learned that each country has unique cultures, and the people have different beliefs. Still, you wanted to experience this at a more profound and vibrant level. Your decision to move abroad is allowing you to do just that as well as embrace the inherent beauty and goodness of humanity. You are living a life that builds common ground and brings us together.

Updated 26 Dec 2019

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—Karla A. Fraser, Four Reason Moving Overseas Changes You, Roseapple Global, LLC


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