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Planning & Preparation Steps for Emergencies Abroad

During your journey of living abroad, whether you are an expat, in an educational study experience, or being a digital nomad, you can experience unexpected or unpredictable emergencies. It is not uncommon that we find ourselves unprepared, stress, or even panicked. So, let's help you to think, plan, and prepare to the best of your abilities now with the following ten (10) steps.

Your Best Action for Emergencies is being Proactive.

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—Karla A. Fraser, Planning and Preparation Steps for Emergencies Abroad, Roseapple Global, LLC


At Roseapple Global, we provide specialized services in expat career coaching and guidance for individuals or groups.  We also offer to consult for the administrative and operational areas of campus/student life and student services units at higher education institutions internationally. Contact Us



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