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Six Reasons to Try eLearning

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Roseapple Global values your time and understands that our expertise can be shared in various ways. This is why we offer individual and group coaching, and now eLearning. We understand that our clients can benefit from a combination of learning options as they are about to explore, start, or continue their path to moving and living abroad. eLearning is a growing industry with a variety of formats and platforms for offering short courses. Since we have embarked on this method of information delivery, we would like to share with you some eLearning’s benefits to you, our clients.

Flexible - eLearning is on your own time and convenience. Self-paced courses allow you to learn and study at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

Accessibility - It is on-demand. You are able to learn anytime and anywhere on a device of your choice.

Comfortable Environment - Your learning takes place in a setting that you prefer. Learn at home, the office, in a coffee shop or at a book store.

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Life-Long Learning - It provides you choices for learning a hobby, new skills, or doing some needed training. Whatever your topic, it is likely you can find an eCourse to teach you.

Environmentally Friendly - Help the environment by reducing your carbon foot with less travel and less paper. Reduce the need for fossil fuels and save many trees for more important things like cleaning the air.

Budget Friendly - Taking an online course is less expensive. Generally, the courses themselves cost less than those offered in the physical classroom. Plus, you save in other areas, e.g. petrol, time, supplies, and more.

As a result of these benefits, most of our eLearning options will be short courses (under 2 hours) and webinars being 60 minutes. We are excited to share our knowledge with you in this new format. Our eLearning platform is called Roseapple Global eForum.


Also, check out our Individual Expat Coaching service for personalized, one-on-one planning and readiness for your expat journey.

—Karla A. Fraser, Six Reasons for Trying eLearning, Roseapple Global, LLC



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