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Stress Less: Managing Those Expat Frustrations


Your dream move and location will frustrate you, guaranteed! Even after all the planning, preparation, connecting with others and checking all the boxes on your list, life in your new location will come with some headache. Some may be familiar while others will be quite different. Regardless of your level of experience living abroad, be prepared for frustration when you arrive in any new country, as both new and long-term expats are not immune from some discomfort.


One way to manage your frustration is to take the time to meet and mingle with your new neighbors and locals and learn about your surroundings. Stop by local shops or grab a beverage at a local café, and become curious by asking a lot of questions. These same gestures, daily, will make adjusting more manageable and give insight into how to adapt quickly. The experience of living and working abroad is a daily process, and each day will become more manageable.

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Written by Karla A. Fraser of Roseapple Global. Read my latest article as a contributing writer to The Black Expat. Your #expat living resource - #theblackexpat + #roseappleglobal

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