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Thankful Thursday #15

Thankful for being of Service to Others

November’s note is #thankfulness for you - our #clients, #readers, #fans, #coaches, and #supporters in all capacities. It has been a year of growth, development, pivoting, and refocusing. As a result, we introduced international higher education articles, an intentional focus on higher education career professionals seeking to move abroad, a reflection section by me in the newsletter focused on trending matters, refocused and redesigned services, and more!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, advice, needs, and most of all, for allowing me to serve you through my knowledge, experiences, and expertise as a seasoned expat. Thankful for all my speaking engagements and being a featured guest in podcasts and blogs.

Being from the US, and in the spirit of #Thanksgiving, I continue to express #optimism and #gratitude for all things and encourage you to do the same.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

Thankful Quote about Educational Access

Are you a career professional interested in moving, living, and working overseas? If yes, then let Roseapple Global assist you with your planning and preparation. Contact Us.

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