• Karla Fraser

Expat Expression #15

Is Expat Life Calling You?

Expat Life can help unlock your purpose while maximizing your quality of life. It’s also an opportunity to pay it forward to your host community and country. Equip yourself to live abroad and enjoy your expat journey.

Are you ready for your first steps?

What excites you? What worries you?

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— Karla A. Fraser, Is Expat Life Calling You?, Roseapple Global, LLC

Roseapple Global provides expat coaching and guidance for individuals or groups. We serve all aspiring or continuing expats and specialize in assisting higher education professionals. We also offer to consult for student-facing units of higher education institutions internationally. Our services focus on developing or improving the administrative and operational areas of your departments. We help you unlock your potential, maximize your ability, and equip you with resources and tools for your journey or your student-facing unit. Contact Us

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